Q. What is the room247 and how does it work?

It’s a company and is created, maintained and posted by real estate professionals, sellers or buyers to help their clients buy and sell property. Rooms, flats and other properties are posted by their owners with their valid access. Buyers can visit our website and can choose the rooms and can contact to sellers/owners

Q. How the Room247 works for home sellers:

We contact sellers assure them our support. We welcome them to post their advt on our site with each single detail. Even, we stand by their side 24/7 so that they get the real buyers. They need to shoot us the mails for their queries, we meant them our family.

Q. How the Room247 works for home buyers:

Home buyers can look into our each listing which have the details like location, posted by, images, contact of the owners/sellers and can contact.

Q. How can I if I wish to see a room later the one I liked?

You can add that in your wish list, we will keep that room in your wish list. You will be updated by every status of that room right into your room247 account.

Q. How do I prepare my home to show nicely when ready to sell/rent?

Room247 suggests that you should keep the house clean and well repaired so that you can escape from renegotiation. Keeping your property in well condition attracts more buyers to your home giving you an excellent chance to sell your home faster, and on top bucks.

Q. I want a room on rent but I don’t know the location, how would you help?

We show you all the rooms/flats from the city you have chosen. You can pick it up from wherever you want

Q. Is room247 safe to use?

Believe us, we don’t share any of your identity or information with anyone. We work with the transparent things in mind that its like our own family so rest assured, you are safe at room247